When we moved to the Central Coast several years ago, we began exploring the vast goodness of 805 Wine Country. As relative newcomers to the world of wine and winemaking, the details fascinated us. Climates, soils, degree days, terroir, brix, tannin, and residual sugar became familiar terms as we tasted our way along many wine trails in the area.

In 2015, we launched Great Flavors Central Coast, an online magazine featuring the food, drink, and fun of the region. As part of writing articles, we met talented winemakers, watched harvests, saw new wine barrels being made, and did mini punch-downs at a local winery.

It wasn’t long before we started focusing on wine articles of all types and realized we had officially been bitten by the wine bug.

Wanting to further our education, we passed the Introductory Sommelier level course – months of intense study of the world’s major wine regions, grapes, history, culture, and climate. This led to more wine-tasting outings, courses at Cal Poly, and continuing to meet and learn from many talented winemakers and industry experts in the area.

Over a glass of Central Coast wine, the idea for 805 Wine Country was born.

We’re excited to share this continuing journey with you. We welcome fellow wine aficionados and students to join us as we all continue to learn, explore, and appreciate the wines of this abundant area. Cheers!