Bodega de Edgar Winery Review – Grab the Bull by the Horns

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The unique Toro de Paso metal sign in the Bodega de Edgar tasting room in Paso Robles

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We’re two Central Coast locals who appreciate wine – and the land, people, and story behind every bottle. Come along and let’s explore all that 805 Wine Country along California’s Central Coast has to offer.

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At Bodega de Edgar, the grapes of Spain's renowned winemaking regions, including Montsant and Priorat, find new expression in western Paso Robles.

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Our winery reviews are designed to give you the information you need to learn about the winery, how to get there, and what to do once you make it down.

What to Know

Founded in 2007, Bodega de Edgar pays homage to the varietals and styles of Spain. From refreshing Albariño to lush Tempranillo and others, the wines created by owner and winemaker Edgar Torres at his Paso Robles winery bring out the best of the fruit – with some delicious surprises.

Torres’ wine career started many years ago, during his first job as a waiter in Paso Robles. The resulting exposure to the fine wines of the area, as well as meeting local winemakers, whetted his desire to learn more.

From his first job as a cellar rat, he continued to learn and grow. Over time, Spanish wines became his focus and his passion.

This passion led to Torres’ creation of Bodega de Edgar, where the wines of Spain find new expression in western Paso Robles.  

How to Go

Located in the Adelaida District of Paso Robles, Bodeda de Edgar lies west of Highway 101 along Adelaida Road. Bodega de Edgar is tucked upstairs in a building occupied below by Villacana WInery and Re:Find Distillery.

As you head for the main entrance, just head left around the corner and go up a few stairs. Awaiting you will be a quiet, calming tasting room, and a tasting flight showcasing some of Spain’s prominent varietals.

Parking is plentiful and easy. 

Note that a second Bodega de Edgar tasting room and production facility are located in eastern Paso Robles (2323 Tuley Rd #120, Paso Robles, CA 93446). We haven’t tried that experience yet, but plan to soon.

What to Do

Wine Tasting

The day we visited, Marcel was our host and did a marvelous job. He shared about the winery and winemaker’s history and background, and as a student in Cal Poly’s wine program, his passion for the industry is clear.

Our tasting included five wines: one white and four red blends.

🍷 Tasting Fees

$15 waived with 2 bottle purchase.


We haven’t attended events at Bodega de Edgar yet. But this is one we can’t wait to try: the annual Edgar Vs. Spain Wine Tasting and Pairing. 

Edgar pairs three of his Spanish-inspired blends next to three Spanish wines from their distinct regions. 

What to Try

The single white wine on the list was the 2017 La Güera, a delightful and surprising blend of Albariño and Chardonnay. It retains the crisp aspects of Albariño with a full-bodied support from the 25% Chardonnay

Moving on to the reds, the 2016 E-Squared is named after Edgar and his wife’s first names, both beginning with E. Marcel said it’s always a Syrah x Grenache blend, as those are the owners’ favorite varietals.

The percentage changes each year, with the 2016 being an even 50/50 blend. It keeps Syrah’s spicy character and Grenache’s juicy traits.  

Also on the list are 2016 Toro de Paso,  a good Tempranillo-heavy blend with Grenache.

The two other wines refer to their Spanish winemaking regions: Montsant and Priorat.

We especially liked the 2016 Priorato, with its predominate percentage of Carignan, blended with Cabernet, Garnacha, and Syrah. It made for a robust yet elegant wine. 

A delicious view of some of the wine (and bottles) you would sample at the Bodega de Edgar tasting room in Paso Robles

Whether you’re already a fan of Spanish wines like Albariño, Tempranillo, Garnacha, and others, or you’re ready to try some, Bodega de Edgar is a great winery to visit. 

The personalized approach of the tasting and the successful blending of Paso Robles winemaking while honoring Spanish traditions results in a good overall experience and a place we look forward to trying again.    

Let us know what you think. 

805 Wine Country (Kara and Andrew) at the tasting room at Bodega de Toro in Paso Robles

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