Sip and Taste Paso Robles: Blending local flavor & fresh ideas

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Sip & Taste Festival

Paso Robles

What would it look like if a celebrity chef, a Paso Robles winemaker, and a Hollywood videographer teamed up to create their own signature food and wine event? One that was about great food and wine, of course, but focused on so much more? And highlighted the Locavore idea —  eating and drinking close to the source and appreciating the abundance of the local area? 

📆 Taste & Sip: Paso Robles

September 7, 12-4pm


Why You'll Want to Go: Food, Wine (and So Much More) = Fun

The result is Sip and Taste Paso Robles. A first-of-its-kind event, co-hosted by Chef Eddie G. of the food network and Tom Booth of Wine Boss LLC, Paso Robles and Harmata Family Wine, with creative direction by London Williams with Locavore Media.

This event, September 7 at Allegretto Vineyard Resort in Paso Robles wine country, is a unique and unprecedented gathering of local farm-to-table food and the full range of craft beverages in one beautiful place, with the backdrop of nationally recognized musicians.

Come taste as Chef Eddie G. creates memorable meals with the Central Coast’s abundant range of flavors, fresh from the local farmers, ranchers, fisherman, and cheesemakers, and sip local wines, beer, ciders, and spirits.

Calling all Locavores!

Sip and Taste Paso Robles is a brand-new concept for a food and drink event. Created by Locavores for Locavores. 

And Locavore Media — a partnership of celebrity Chef Eddie G. and producer London Williams — will be filming an upcoming feature showcasing the abundance of the local food and drink producers from the Central Coast.

Are you a Locavore?

Click to find out! 👇

🍴 Do you try to....

  • Eat locally grown and produced food and drinks?
  • Seek out unique tastes and products from within 50 miles of your home?
  • Support farm-to-table and grape-to-glass concepts?
  • Keep your own food distribution chain as short as possible?

    Then you, my friend, may be a Locavore.
    And the Sip and Taste Paso Robles event was created just for you.
  • While Paso Robles wine country is earning its place as a wine destination, the area’s growing reputation for world-class food and craft beverages is close behind.

    Come and be part of the action at Sip and Taste Paso Robles as we all put Paso Robles on the map for other Locavores.

    Food: makes the world go 'round.

    Chef Eddie G. has seen and participated in some of the best food and wine events in the world, and attends more than 30 every year.

    Plus, wth his work on shows like The Great Food Truck Race and others for Food Network and his own productions under Locavore Media company, combined with his experience as Chef for NFL Gameday and leading the culinary approach for the Super Bowl’s 250,000 attendees, he’s seen this world like few others have. 

    With such a broad palette of experiences to draw from, how would he envision his own signature food and wine event?

    Chef Eddie G.

    “Local focus!” he said. “Paso Robles is my favorite wine region, and I’m passionate about digging into the local abundance of an area and showcasing its flavors and people.”

    Chef Eddie G.

    So when he met Paso Robles winemaker Tom Booth at an event several years ago, they soon started talking about creating their own event. What would make it unique? Their shared vision is a food and drink event that would be as much about the local producers as it would be about the outcomes of fine food paired with fine wine and other beverages. 

    The result is Sip and Taste Paso Robles, coming September 7 to Allegretto Vineyard Resort in the heart of Paso Robles wine country. 

    Wine: a wonder of the world.

    Tom Booth, owner of Wine Boss, LLC, in Paso Robles and winemaker for his own Wine Boss and Harmata Family Wines labels, blends creativity, guts, and vision both in life and winemaking.

    The result for this California native and Cal Poly Wine & Viticulture program graduate has been a journey filled with experiences and accomplishments few others have attained in such a short time.


    Tom Booth, Wine Boss Paso Robles

    One example: boldly presenting the idea of creating a custom wine for favorite band, Pepper. Now, Pepper has two official wines, and the band is intimately involved in creating each wine. 

    Another example: opening Wine Boss Lounge in downtown Paso Robles. In a town with so many great wineries, Wine Boss has developed a strong following by doing things differently. In addition to pouring his own wines, he selects other small-production wineries for his list. Wine Boss stays open late, giving wine lovers a place to go after dinner. And it has a range of entertainment, from great live music, trivia nights, costume parties and more — all homage to the great and gracious Hollywood of days gone by. 

    Wine is an integral part of Booth’s life that intertwines everything. Not surprisingly, when he met Chef Eddie G. at a wine and food event a few years ago, they hit it off. 

    “It wasn’t long before we started brainstorming how to create an event that went far beyond the usual wine-and-small-bites event,” he shared. 

    The idea for Sip and Taste Paso Robles was born, combining local food, wine, drinks, and music.  

    Music: Food for the soul.

    Shane Hall

    Shane Hall was making a name as a new artist when Wassman recognized his talent and ability to fuse R&B, blues, Americana, and soul into his signature sound. A perfect fit for the Law Records label created by Wassman and Pepper founding members, they soon signed Hall for a recording contract.

    To add even more great music to the event, Wassman will be playing some tunes with Hall — in between pouring his band’s custom Pepper wine, created by Tom Booth and Wine Boss, LLC.

    Great food and drinks are a key part of Sip and Taste Paso Robles. And a truly memorable event needs memorable music.

    So Shane Hall, up-and-coming singer and songwriter, and Kaleo Wassman, lead guitarist with the band Pepper, will be entertaining during the event.

    Tom Booth and Kaleo Wassman

    Come Experience the Sip and Taste Difference

    Sip and Taste Paso Robles is like no other food & drink event. Created from the combined passions, talents, and shared vision of Chef Eddie G. and Tom Booth with Wine Boss, the event spotlights the local producers whose hard work and dedication make farm-to-table and grape-to-glass possible — and not just a rare dream, but an everyday reality.

    The difference starts with gathering local food producers — farmers, ranchers, fishermen, cheesemakers — plus chefs and restaurants to showcase the abundance of the Central Coast. Plus it adds in the complete range of drinks: locally produced wine, beer, cider, and spirits.

    Sip & Taste Paso Robles

    Why You Don’t Want to Miss This

    From these ingredients, taste for yourself the magic that happens when local food meets local drinks under the care of Chef Eddie G. This is the alchemy of a true pairing.

    Come experience what it means to be a Locavore, one fork and one glass at a time.

    📷 Photos: Courtesy Sip and Taste Festival, Paso Robles

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