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Wine Country

We’re two Central Coast locals who appreciate wine – and the land, people, and story behind every bottle. Come along and let’s explore all that 805 Wine Country along California’s Central Coast has to offer.

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Wine Talk is a short feature here at 805 Wine Country where we go behind the wines and ask winemakers their thoughts on inspiration, journey and progression in the wine world… or whatever else may flow when the bottle’s uncorked.

What brought you to this point in time (as a winemaker, in life, or however you want to answer)?

Our journey started with drinking and collecting wine. We come from the consumer side. I’ve never been one to stand on the sidelines, however, and just enjoy others’ creations. Going to wine events, I had the chance to meet and befriend many winemakers who I still call friends and mentors to this day. 

Back in 2014, I decided to learn how to make wine. Anyone that knows me will attest that when I decide to learn about something, I’m all in. What started as a carboy of juice in my kitchen quickly turned to a commercial production of 1 ton of Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon. That, in turn, quickly became about 15 different wines over three labels. 

What does it mean to you be a Garagiste?

We’ll always stay small. I have no desire to grow much bigger than we are now. I have no desire to direct winemaking operations. If I’m not doing it, then what’s the point… it becomes just another widget to have to sell. We will always remain “Garagistes” and have our heads in every fermentation.

What projects are you working on that you’re especially excited about and want to share?

We are always looking for new varieties to work with. The latest will be our first harvest of Chardonnay from Sta. Rita Hills This is the first time we’ll be working with Chardonnay and we are excited to see what we can create.

Our approach is to make the best wine we can. We are very practical and not dogmatic. If a technique is super hard and labor intensive, we do it to make the best wine. If we find a technique is easier and quicker, but makes the wines better, we do it. 

We’re not here to prove to everyone how crazy and committed we are by doing things that don’t have any effect on quality. We do what the fruit asks for; nothing more, nothing less. (Although, to be perfectly honest, it’s more often than not… a lot less.)

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